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HI all,

Would like to know how to get a pass to shoot local games. I have a Minolta 700si with a 28-200Tamron lens and aMinolta 5400HS flash.

What kind of lens would be more suitable because i know mine is definitely not powerful enough.

Thanks. P/S: All shutterbugs with ICQ...feel free to MSG me anytime...would love to know more foto-friends! ICQ No: 19444511 or email me.

-- steve chan (, August 31, 1999


Steve, you could approach the Football Association of Singapore or the respective football clubs themselves.

In any of the sports, avoid using flash as it may distract the players. Lenses wider than f4 would be the most useful especially when matches are played at night, otherwise your normal zooms would serve the purpose for day shots. Depending on where you're stationed, focal length between 135mm to 400mm would be the ones widely used.

Fuji 800 negative film in my opinion is excellent for day soccer. For night, you could expose your film at ASA 1600 or at 3200 then get the lab to push process them one or two stops respectively.

Hope this helps.

-- Paul Chuah (, August 31, 1999.

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