Whole Egg Powder--Shelf Life

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We purchased whole egg powder from Deering's in Phoenix, Arizona. (They are a wholesaler. Our box was direct from the manufacturer. The powder was in an unsealed plastic bag, inside a cardboard box. The only instructions on the box were to store in a cool, dry place. There was no shelf life info. Most of it, we repackaged in aluminized mylar bags, heat sealed with oxygen absorbers. Some, a small amount we kept out to practice using the egg powder. My questions is this, "How long is the "open" egg powder good?" This is good to know in case there is a failure in our repackaged stuff too. Any info or pointers to other sources would be appreciated.

Mike Munn

-- Michael Munn (kuti@theriver.com), August 30, 1999


According to the people I got mine from, egg powder is good for a year or two, stored in a cool dry place. That time can be indefinitely extended by keeping the powder in the freezer. Seems the clock is only ticking above 32 deg.

-- Dennis (djolson@pressenter.com), August 31, 1999.

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