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Hi there,

Does anyone out there have any information on the X-24 flash?



-- Anonymous, August 30, 1999


X-24 Flash


The X-24 Auto flash is "dedicated" to the FT-1/FP-1, etc. cameras. As such, it takes over the camera's shutter and aperture to control exposure in one of two zones (set by a switch on top of the flash).

Mine works perfectly. I recently won a photo contest with a close-up of my cat taken with an FT-1/135 f3.2 Hexanon and the X-24.

There's also an accessory wide-angle diffusion lens, that's useful.

The only weak point on these id the battery door, which seems prone to breakage with rough handling.

I treat mine extra gentle.

Tese units are reasonable available on the used equipment market. Going price seems to be in the 450 range for one in good shape.


-- Anonymous, September 01, 1999

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