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A few years ago I saw an ad for a contraption that rolled newspapers so tightly that they could burn longer than logs.

Anyone heard of this? I would have bought one but I wasn't thinking of y2k back then.

-- serio (, August 30, 1999


Not sure about this. It seems to me that years ago I heard that you needed to soak the things in used motor oil after they are rolled. May be completely wrong.

-- rambo (, August 30, 1999.

Nah, there's a lot of toxins in motor oil. There's even more in used oil.

-- serio (, August 30, 1999.

The problem with rolling stuff is that it unrolls as the heat hits it, giving a bunch of flyaway ash, so you need some kind of strapping. Try screwing it instead. You don't need any fancy widget.

As a mainframe geek I have gotten lots of greenbar (i.e. continuous form 11x17) paper. I tear off chunks about 3/4 inch thick, but the idea would work with newspapers. You want to end with a 3-inch "log", more or less.

Roll it as tight as you can get it, then kneel on it and put a sheetrock screw into it with a driver bit in your 1/4 inch drill (they make 'em for sheetrock screws). Use about a 1 1/2 inch drywall screw. The screw is self-starting, and the bit will hold it straight as it starts. Run it straight toward the center of the cylinder, and do maybe three of these evenly spaced along the cylinder.

You can recover and re-use the screws, if you like, but they're pretty cheap. These do burn pretty well, slow steady heat. Try alternating these with regular wood, as you feed the fire.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), August 30, 1999.

I remember seeing the item you want advertised in the Sunday Newspaper Parade magazine. I haven't noticed it lately, but I think I have a catalogue that has lots of gadgets listed. I will try and find it and post.

-- Carol (, August 31, 1999.

Years ago we used to make newspaper logs for our fireplace. Wrap newspapers (a few sheets at a time) around a broomstick until it is 3"-4" thick. Tie with wire in 2 or 3 places. Stand upright in a bucket(we made a bunch at at time) and fill with water. Let soak for a while. Dry. We used to add some common chemicals to get colored flames. They worked great and we didn't have to worry about the newspapers piling up. I have seen gadgets advertised in the Sunday papers that roll the papers up.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, August 31, 1999.

Cumberland General Store had a "log roller" in their catalog which used newspapers last time I looked. I don't know if you tied them tight after removing or what kept them compacted, though.

-- Jill D. (, September 02, 1999.

Thanks all for your reply!

Thanks Server for being here!

"We hang together or hang separately!"

-- Serio (, September 03, 1999.

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