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I am trying to tape vcd to vhs,i have a psx movie add on and i dont now how to connect my vcr to record.please help.

-- leigh (, August 29, 1999


If you can plug you PSX in to your TV, then you can plug the PSX in to the VCR. You have the PSX output to the TV, so just plug the PSX into the VCR input instead. Some VCRs have inputs on the front, others on back. Look on the VCR for the RCA inputs (RCA inputs are red, white, and yellow) Then on your VCR, go to a channel called line in, aux, or something like that. Push Record on the VCR, Play on the PSX and you should have your VCD>VHS Good luck!

-- Jake (, August 29, 1999.

you can do the same as above the your VCR

-- Ryan R. (, November 24, 2002.

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