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does anyone have experience with the early Goerz Dagors? i've recently got a 12" which i'm using for 8X10. i'd like to know the strengths and weaknesses of this lens if anyone of you have used this lens and has opinions about it. any specifics would be welcome. thanks, david

-- david clark (, August 29, 1999


I have used a C.P. Goerz, Berlin, Dopp-Anastigmat Serie III Dagor 150/6.8 on 5x4. It is somewhat softer than a modern Schneider or whatever, but the main difference is the lack of coating, which gives the usual 'lift' to the shadows. If I was into portraits, I would probably consider it very useful for that (but rather wide, of course).

-- Alan Gibson (, August 31, 1999.

Dave and Allen, I have a Pre 1920 , 7 in Dagor that I love. (I also would love to have your 12 in). The Glass is quite Sharp at working Apatures, f16 or smaller. FYI,The Series # has nothing to do with age. It is for Field Coverage: the Series 3 is the non-Wide angle f6.8 version (~70 Degrees), the Series 4 is the wide angle f11 (~90 Degrees).

Even uncoated they are quite contrasty (due to only 4 Glass/Air surfaces). They do have a bit of "Focus Shift" (the best focus Moves with stopping down) (due to zonal Spherical abaration). For Critical work check focus after stopping down.... Mike

-- Mike Phifer (, September 09, 1999.

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