The thing that was the wake up call for me was the computer network in my office of 32 computers. It : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

was originally a part time duty of a civil engineer who had other duties. Then it became full time for him. Now, a computer programming expert has been hired to replace him. The first person (engineer) was assigned to the system from the start and learned as it evolved and did attend some short training sessions. It worked pretty well and he could quickly get it going again.

The point is this this is a very small system with mainly word processing applications to write letters and reports. If the system has evolved to require full time attention of a computer expert, is this progress? Is the system something like the automobile industry would be like if there were not standard specifications for machine threads, bolt sizes etc.? That industry is bad enough. In stead of flat and phillips screws, there are now star, oblong and all of the metric and standard wrenches. Sometimes it takes longer to find the tool than to make the repair such as replacing a headlight.

Curly could have done a better job of standardizing things such as 08 29 1999. I have often wondered if Ross Perot had been elected President in 1992 if he would have recognized the problem and taken action around 1994 or so to force all government agencies to convert to a 4 digit year by 1998. An executive order to that effect in 1994 would have avoided most or all of this problem. Instead, we have the Clinton Administration which still has not fixed the problem or warned the public of the impacts. Perhaps he would not have done anything. Alan Greenspan is a former programmer. If he is so smart, did he recognize the problem? If he did, why didn't he do something. Couldn't he foresee the problems? Instead of saying something, he makes statements and speeches that nobody can understand and they interprit to suit their own interests and perceptions. He doesn't want to spook the market.

-- Moe (Moe@3stooges.gom), August 29, 1999


Re: "I'm dyin' and your asking me riddles."

-- CS Man (, August 29, 1999.

Hey Moe,

In the words of that immortal philosopher and all-round sage person (with a little rosemary and thyme thrown in for seasoning allow me to quote that famous Curly-man himself... and I think it is appropo for Y2K ...

"I'm a little negative about the positive and a little positive about the negative... Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk." (spoken while working in the photographic darkroom to his able assistant Larry Fine)

-- R.C. (, August 30, 1999.

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