55mm Macro lense question

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I just purchased a Hexanon 55mm Macro Lense for my Autoreflex A camera . The switch on the side reads AE rather than EE is this a problem?

-- Anonymous, August 28, 1999


EE vs. AE


No problem. The first 10 years or so of AR lens production were marked EE (electric eye or electric exposure). Sometine in the late '70's (probably with the introduction of the Autoreflex T3), the nomenclature was changed to AE (auto-exposure) There was no functional change, and the lenses can be used interchangably. The only other difference is that the early cameras can only control the aperture to f16. So the f22 stop on your 55 macro would be for manual (match needle) use only.

You have a fine lens. Enjoy it.


-- Anonymous, August 28, 1999

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