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Here's where I've found some breaking news on unravelling Waco coverup. It seems to indicate that, at the highest levels of government, the decision has been made to transform us into a military police state. This is an assault on the Constitution, an assault on America itself.

I ask myself: when they succeed in taking away all privately-owned guns and ammunititon, will this militarization get better or worse? Will disruptions resulting from Y2k be used as a pretext for seizing American arms? Will the planned evacuation to "warming centers" be used as an opportunity to search homes and seize arms? Will we come out the other side of Y2k a free people, or a nation of slaves?

Again, I recommend the video rental "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" as the key to understanding all of this.


-- Liberty (, August 28, 1999



-- A (, August 28, 1999.

What does it mean when somebody types just a period, like A did?

-- . (.@...), August 28, 1999.

When "A" replies with a single ".", he's exhausting his vocabulary.

If World Net Daily were to declare the sky blue, I would check just to make sure. The Coors family bankrolled Farah to create a site that would be totally anti-Clinton. They suceeded. But no one with a brain takes that site seriously.

-- Sempronius (, August 28, 1999.

Worldnetdaily is a great site for thinking people. But Semipronius is probably content with the water carriers for the liberal elite. What a tool.

-- James (, August 28, 1999.

No, I don't trust the ultra-liberal Salon site -- which was created at the White House's request -- either. Call a spade a spade and color me uniformly cynical. :)

Y2K was just one of several ways that a group of powerful golfin' buddies -- including Murdoch (Fox, etc.), Mauldin (of Weiss Research, and the guy who bankrolled Gary North in the beginning) and Coors -- wanted to make the American people unhappy with the First Felon.

When the Lewinski thing backfired, they joined with Gary (who had already started on the Y2K thing because (A), he really wanted to -- he was a True Believer -- and (B), it would provide a good fallback position) to promote Y2K as "proof" that the President was being "inexcusably negligent" (and all that Tommyrot).

(Of course, now they're a little scared of North, cuz he's gone off the deep end, but hey ...)

From there, the tentacles go into all sorts of directions like bad spagetti: Jim Lord and Mike Adams are tied in through Mauldin (and Farah helped Adams start Y2KNewswire, which suited Adams, because he wanted to establish himself as an Internet marketing wizard, too -- which he's done).

Hey, give 'em credit. Y2K was a good choice. The Klintonistaas weren't taking it seriously, and better yet, Joe Sixpack didn't really understand it, so it was easy to pump it into a Killer, TEOTWAWKI Crisis (which, while it was certainly a problem that needed to be fixed, was NEVER that serious).

But same as with the Lewinski stuff, Joe Sixpack ain't gettin' real worked up over it, which drives 'em crazy.

And if you want to know the single main reason why the Big Three Networks haven't jumped on it with both feet, it's because they're also quite aware of the people and the money behind Y2K As TEOLAWKI.

Not sure where Eddie boy Yourdon fits into the scheme; he's apparently a True Believer who was used by North and Co because of his name in IT circles.

-- Sempronius (, August 28, 1999.

World Nut Daily, the bible of the white wing. They're so far right, they think Ghengis Khan was a Commie...

-- Y2K Pro (, August 28, 1999.

WND. There's nutty stuff on it and there's good stuff on it. I don't agree with their edit board's take on the Chinese missle technology saga. I don't agree with they way they mirror the views of the religious right. However they have great columnists on it including Harry Browne and Alan Keyes.

-- coprolith (, August 28, 1999.

I think one of the positive things that may occur after Jan. 1 will be the obsolescence of the words: liberty, constitution, 2nd amendment rights, and freedom. When these words no longer matter we can concentrate on living harmoniously with nature and each other. Hopefully religion will also be forgotten.

-- Sand Mueller (, August 28, 1999.

Sure, and maybe we can forget about urban sprawl, sustainable development, and gaia(mother earth).

-- Betty Alice (, August 28, 1999.


Gotta agree with you on Worldnut Daily. But the Lewinsky thing. What are you saying? Don't you consider it wrong to lie under oath in a civil sexual harrassment suit? What are you, a pervert? Are you a sexual harrasser or child molester?

-- Y2K Pro (, August 28, 1999.

======================================= NEWS FROM THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 World Wide Web: ======================================= For release: August 27, 1999

As the Waco cover-up finally unravels, is it time to put Janet Reno on trial?

WASHINGTON, DC -- Forget more Congressional hearings -- now that the FBI has admitted it used "pyrotechnic devices" during the massacre at Waco, it may be time to move directly to criminal trials for Janet Reno and other law enforcement officials, the Libertarian Party said today.

"It's time to send a message: Hate crimes and cover-ups won't be tolerated in America," said Steve Dasbach, the party's national director. "And the way to send that message is to start criminal proceedings against the government officials responsible for the deaths of 86 people at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

"At this point, we're not saying that Janet Reno -- or any other individual -- is guilty of premeditated mass murder, or guilty of a criminal conspiracy to cover up the facts. But enough new evidence has emerged that a jury should consider that question."

Yesterday, the FBI admitted it had been lying for six years when it claimed never to have used incendiary devices during the siege at Waco. In fact, a spokesman has now acknowledged, FBI agents had fired at least two flammable 40mm tear-gas canisters into the compound.

Shortly after that military-style ordnance was deployed on April 19, 1993, a blazing fire engulfed the Branch Davidian complex, incinerating 86 people, including 24 children.

The FBI's abrupt about-face came after Texas Rangers investigators uncovered new evidence, videotapes, and photographs that called into question the government's account of the massacre. Other evidence -- first publicized in the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement -- also suggested that an FBI helicopter had opened fire on the Branch Davidians with a machine gun, according to the Washington Post.

Reaction to the new evidence was swift. Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) said that if federal officials "have been lying," their "testimony on other matters should also be examined." And Congressman Bob Barr (R- GA) suggested that "charges of perjury" could be filed, and that "serious questions" have been raised about "who is responsible for the deaths of over 80 American men, women, and children." Both called for new Congressional hearings.

But hearings aren't enough, said Dasbach: It's time to strip away the shield of "sovereign immunity" that protects government officials, and treat them like any other person suspected of criminal assault or mass murder.

"Buford O'Neil Furrow, for example, faces state and federal charges for opening fire on a Jewish community center earlier this month, wounding five people, including three children," noted Dasbach. "At the very least, shouldn't Janet Reno face similar charges for the fiery deaths of 24 children?

"Buford O'Neil Furrow launched his rampage because of irrational religious prejudice, and federal investigators may charge him with committing a hate crime. Part of the original explanation for the federal government's assault on the Branch Davidian compound was that it was a religious cult -- which is a prejudicial code word for any non-traditional religion. So, shouldn't a hate crime investigation be launched against Janet Reno, too?"

Dasbach stressed that until all the evidence is in, Janet Reno and other high officials in the FBI and the BATF must be considered innocent.

"But 86 people are dead, and the cover-up is starting to unravel," he said. "Fairness and justice demand that 12 ordinary Americans -- a jury of her peers -- should examine the evidence against Janet Reno in a court of law, and decide if she is criminally liable for this tragedy.

"After all, a fair trial is the American way," said Dasbach. "But, unfortunately, a fair trial is a courtesy that Janet Reno did not extend to the 86 men, women, and children who, on her orders, were subjected to a barrage of gunfire, a 51-day siege, psychological harassment, toxic gas, and military-style pyrotechnic devices. It's time to right that wrong."

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 29, 1999.

Y2K Pro,

If you'll note, I *did* refer to His Sleaziness as the First Felon. :)

I'm just stating facts. That Klinton went out of his way to make the job of these gentlemen easier doesn't change the facts. This isn't a nice, neat, Black Hat vs. White Hat thingy. In fact, the whole thing stinks of dead fish, and the odor won't go away until the First Felon finally completes his term.

-- Sempronius (, August 29, 1999.

"Semp: Gotta agree with you on Worldnut Daily. But the Lewinsky thing. What are you saying? Don't you consider it wrong to lie under oath in a civil sexual harrassment suit? What are you, a pervert? Are you a sexual harrasser or child molester? -- Y2K Pro (, August 28, 1999."

I did not say this - no doubt another Tinfoil impersonating me...

-- Y2K Pro (, August 29, 1999.

Sempronius --

With all the links you cite -- Coors, Murdoch, and Mauldin backing North, Lord, Adams, -- any citations for your claims?

If true, this is like reading our own y2k "inside story" before the date even hits -- the kind of history you usually get to read years later.

The code is what it is, broken or partially-remediated. It still will do what it will do. That is objective reality.

The warners like North and Lord are doing what they want to do anyway, with backing or not. (We just might not have heard of them w/o some initial $$$ maybe?) Their source of support does not invalidate their message, but it should tell us to read them more critically.

The idea that Coors et al want to push y2k hysteria to get Clinton puts me on alert. They've done enough propagandizing through think tanks the last 20 years to damage the country. Of course, idiot liberals handed them the opening and they ran through it. They deserve each other, but we deserve neither.

The link I know least about is Mauldin. Who is he? If you have such original info, you know, this all really belongs on at least one independent thread. Agree?

The politics of y2k. Finish your preps. Watch your wallet and your back.

-- jor-el (jor-el@krypton.uni), August 29, 1999.

Hey Liberty, every time you open your mouth the words 'Waco, rules of engagement' comeout. You sound like someone promoting a product for financial gain and thats a no-no on this forum. You must learn to be more clever to be taken seriously.

-- For (, August 29, 1999.


I'm hawking the movie because I saw it a week ago and it changed my life. The Academy Award-nominated "Waco: The Rules of Engagement," available for rental at your local video store, contains, among other revelations, the inventor of FLIR, Forward Looking Infra Red video, explaining how the photographic evidence shows that the Feds torched the compound and fired on the Davidians from no less than four positions, so they couldn't escape. Maybe that's why they destroyed the evidence... It's simple, For. You may never understand it, but some people just care about the truth above all things. To them, "justice" doesn't mean a mask for corruption; it's a principle by which to live every day of one's life. They know that when you start lying to others, you invariably start lying to yourself, and that turns you rotten inside. They know that when you allow yourself to accept and believe a lie, you become just as rotten as the one who told it to you. Maybe you are so far gone that you will never understand them; since you refer to "whackos" as human "waste" and "trash that needs to be "taken out", I can only assume that you've sold your humanity for the animal rush of power over others. I pity you, and pity the nation that seems to believe you, and liars like you.

See the film. Know the truth.


-- Liberty (, August 29, 1999.

Keep up the good work, Liberty. I like what you say, and I'm sure lots of others here do too.

-- King of Spain (, August 29, 1999.

Thanks, King. I'm guessing that you are the type that does your homework - despite the demands of your busy mudwrestling schedule.

I'm finding that my view of what's happening is making sense to a suprising number of people lately, especially with the unravelling of the Waco coverup. It's kind of like Y2k: I sounded like a raving lunatic a year and a half ago, now I've actually gotten some thanks from people whom I alerted. I hope we all realize that it's not about liberal or conservative platforms, or about race, or class or gender or what people do in private (those are issues the evil bastards use to divide us, push our buttons, get our votes and distract us) - it's about restoring the limitations on government, which is and always has been inherently corrupt. We all knew this once, and somehow we forgot. Waco is just a reminder - there is so much more at stake. Even the people who don't do their homework seem worried that the murder, the militarization, the theft ("forfeiture"), and the lies upon lies upon lies have gone too far. Waco makes the overused "Nazi" comparison obvious and unavoidable. It's really so simple: government is not our mommy and daddy! It's a greedy killing beast that needs to be kept in it's cage and brought out only under dire necessity ("for the common defense").

Anyway (how I do ramble on), God love ya, King.


-- Liberty (, August 29, 1999.

Liberty: We missed the Waco movie. Where can we get it or is it going to be shown again on the boob tube?

-- Neil G.Lewis (, August 29, 1999.


Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. Don't delay. Sequel due out in September sometime.


We couldn't shout about this documentary enough.

-- R. Wright (, August 30, 1999.


-- Andy (, August 30, 1999.

See this linnk for latest...

-- Andy (, August 30, 1999.

Waco was a defining event for America, and Americans. Any individual who watched the burning house/church and didn't fear the coming totalitarianism is simply a walking dead man. Now, August 1999, I get a letter from the Dept. of Health in Florida: all MDs licensed to practice in Florida must get fingerprinted at their local police station, and submit the prints to the FBI, by Jan. 2000. My wife and I read that letter, and all we could say was "what the hell?" We all see the police state taking shape around us; we all see privacy rights being destroyed. Why do so few seem bothered by what is happening in this country? It's as if everyone has come under the influence of some drug, and fallen asleep. Robespierre will soon emerge, with his guillotine and his righteousness, declaring 'Freedom' to be a terror-word.

-- Spidey (in@jam.commie), August 30, 1999.

Spidey, tell us more about this. And just how many MDs do you figure will comply with an absurdity like this?

-- Roger (, August 30, 1999.

Liberty, Andy, KOS -- non illigitimi carborundum

-- A (, August 30, 1999.

Spidey -- also include you with Liberty et al above.

Roger: How about 99% of the MDs rolling over? They've caved in great numbers to the HMOs and Medicare. Submit or starve, or become economically marginalized. That is the fascist system we live under.

We've all caved (most of us) in everything else -- Social Security numbers. Driver's License photos, fingerprints; next are retinal scans and DNA samples. One person or even 1% of the population resisting (which is about all that could possibly be mustered) is not enough to stop the leviathin. And all the resisters get is maybe some "mental satisfaction" while the rest are "fat, dumb, and happy."

That's why I'm pulling for a Y2K "9" or a "10". That's the only way this system will be stopped. Even then, a better situation after is far from guaranteed. But as it is now, a "1" to a "5" GUARANTEES an increasing consolidation of your masters' hold on you (YOUR SLAVERY). Only a "9" or a "10" gives you any shot at all of freedom. (Of course, I realize most don't value freedom much -- but piss on them. And that includes a lot of Christians like Gary North who would love to have a U.S. run by a Christian "ayatollah".)

-- A (, August 30, 1999.

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