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Some time ago I mentioned this company on the other forum, but people here may not have seen that message. I am in no way connected to this company, except that I did buy from them. They are

Future Foods (612) 504-2930 5401 Boone Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55428

They started the company to provide cheap, nutritious food for starving children (or something like that), and they have the best deal I've found for stocking up. Their only product is a fortified rice/soy casserole (with specks of dried vegetables) in either beef or chicken flavor, and depending on how much you buy, it is $.49 to $.58 per serving. One package makes six generous servings, and other than needing salt it tastes just fine. You can buy a sample box of 36 packages for $125 plus shipping, or if you have a very large family you can get 33 boxes for $3500. There are also increments between those amounts. If you get really sick of rice you could share it with your starving relatives. I was pleased with my dealings with the company.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, August 28, 1999

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