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Been mostly a lurker here since June '98, seen some great stuff and learned a lot (especially how to skip through what I judge trash). Have come to appreciate the regular, kind folks I've come to know through this cyberspace world. Wishing each of you well, hoping no one will experience more than a 2 or 3. As for me and my household, just in case, we are preparing for a possible 8.

Before I decided to to post and bid my farewell to this Forum, I was musing how I came to know about Y2K back in June 1998. Used to listen to a local radio, two shows in particular, one was called "Vincent and Company." Today this show is no longer available in our area. But last year when it was on the air, I just happen to catch a show where some listeners were talking to Vincent about preparing for Y2K. Never heard of Y2K. One early morning several days later, when I could not sleep, I went to a chat room on the Internet, and browsed in a room for computer related talk. Spoke with several different people around the country who never heard of Y2K and couldn't help me. Then I found someone in Hawaii who knew about it, and led me to two web sites where I could begin my research. I did just that, and soon after found this Forum and began my "mostly a lurker status."

Haven't changed my outlook too much over this time period. Have changed, however, from a local activist, to a position of active preparation for my family. Now (finally, after months of preparation) we are moving this next week Wednesday from Tucson to our small, modest place in the country.

So this lurker bids you goodbye. Your names are too numerous to mention. Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts, feelings, dreams and preparations. A new chapter in our journey begins. "Make it so."

-- Joe Babinsky (Just.here@Tucson.AZ.com), August 28, 1999


PS to the above note:

Cannot recall all the different names I've used here the few times over months that I did post a message. Let's see, I have been PJ, PJ Tucson, Joska, Joseph, Joe, JJ, and others I don't even remember.

-- Joe Babinsky (Just.here@Tucson.AZ.com), August 28, 1999.

The best of luck to you and yours Joe - I hope you get the chance to look in from time to time, and let's all hope y2k is an anti-climax...

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), August 28, 1999.


Wife and I love SE Ariz. We have birded there several times. Mt. Lemmon, Ramsey, Madera canyons, Patagonia are some of the greatest places on earth. Y2k will hit there too huh?

God bless. Good to see people acting with the courage of their convictions. b

-- BB (peace2u@bellatlantic.net), August 28, 1999.


Say farewell and not goodbye. Join us again once your move is complete.

-- Sandmann (Sandmann@alasbab.com), August 28, 1999.

Begin a new and exciting journey, Joe!

Best of luck and "thanks for the lurks."

Check in now and then!


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), August 28, 1999.

May the force be with you Joe. Y2K or not, I can't imagine you will ever regret the choice you've made to live in the country!

Check back and good luck!

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), August 28, 1999.

I think this is what keeps most of us still posting here, even at this extremely late date: the fact that there are people who come to learn, make their personal decisions, and act on them. My own re-location from Washington, D.C. to Northwest Arkansas certainly is an example of this.

Best wishes, Joe.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.net), August 28, 1999.


The best of luck to you and your family with the move. It's a decision that I think you'll be glad you made. I know I haven't regretted it since I moved my family in March. Take care and stop by TB2000 occasionally if you get the chance.

-- Nabi Davidson (nabi7@yahoo.com), August 28, 1999.

Hi Joe! I remember one of the first times you posted. Your wife had just given birth to a precious baby girl. She must be almost a year old now. :-) Can you believe how quickly this year has passed? Best wishes to you and your family, wherever you go!

-- Gayla (privacy@please.com), August 28, 1999.

Gayla- Wow, someone remembered! You, among others, stand out as the one I most appreciate and will remain thankful for your contributions here.

Yes, our daughter Julia will be one year old September 22nd. We also have a 5-1/2 year old son, James. I think James is genuinely looking forward to the country life.

Thanks to all for your good wishes for our journey. I will be back sometime in the future if we can figure out a good internet provider in our new location.

-- Joe Babinsky (Just.Here@Tucson.AZ.com), August 28, 1999.



-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), August 28, 1999.

Sometimes things feel just right, like reading notes from the family that has gathered here this past year. The affect of y2k has been a blessing in some ways, this way, this forum. Blessings to you, Joe, and your kinfolk family. We sure hope you find a place to lurk again with us. Maybe a 2 or 3 will mean we will all be back aboard in the Spring of 2000, telling our stories, sharing so much, laughing and loving the whole blasted movie we are going through now. Bye, best of best to you and yours.

-- HappyforU (gladness@live.net), August 29, 1999.

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