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Now you really knew that Navy Pentagon Papers thingy wasn't going to just dry up a blow away, didn't you? Roleigh Marting has a long essay on this, from his own standpoint, with lots of links. It will appear on Westergaard on Monday, but you can get a look right now:

-- Gordon (, August 27, 1999



-- Jack (, August 27, 1999.

Gordon, Thanks for the link, but couldn't you get Roleigh to at least ask JIM a question, i.e., "where's the LEGEND".


-- FactFinder (, August 27, 1999.


This *story* is a work-in-progress, and I'm sure there will be more details popping up. There are just so many things that don't jibe with what the *official* response said. It may not get any more media attention before the rollover, but I do think we will get a few more releases of relevant information. At this point, it seems to be of interest only to those who are collecting information about just how big a deal the military, for one, actually thinks this is. And it's big, that's for sure. Look at all the preps they are doing.

-- Gordon (, August 28, 1999.

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