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I would like everybody to chime in and state whether or not your local news organizations are reporting y2k. If they are like the ones in Iowa, they are doing a poor job at best. Our local news media didn't even cover Special K visit to the state capital. Disgusting to say the least...

-- y2k dave (, August 27, 1999


When Kosk came to Lincoln, NE Wednesday, it was on the local ed tv but he gave the same 72 hour prep BS. And a rep from the Nebr. Public Power, in response to a question, said as far as he knows, there are no nuclear power plants that are not compliant!! Spin, spin...


-- J werner (, August 27, 1999.

None, here, except the occasional mention in the financial section. That always reads something like "X corp. is confident that their first quarter earnings will soar, once we have gotten past our Y2K fears..". I don't even read or hear much in the way of spin, from the local media. It's kinda surreal, it's like next year is going to be 1990, and the Y2K problem is just not of concern.

-- Bokonon (, August 27, 1999.

actually, there was about 1.5 minutes on an AM station here around DC (i think it was WTOP, AM1500). something about the DC Council doing a test of several sectors on 9/3. they said it was not so much to find out what would go wrong as to build greater connectiveness between the sectors.

-- sarah (, August 28, 1999.

BTW, they wouldn't release the details about what would be tested. they said if they did, then it "wouldn't be a test."

-- sarah (, August 28, 1999.

The Dallas paper mentions Y2K on a fairly regular basis(biased toward BITR). Fort Worth doesn't mention it at all hardly. Our local county newspaper doesn't mention anything but this year's high school football team. Time for another coffee & brandy!

-- Neil G.Lewis (, August 28, 1999.

The Arizona Republic is doing a fair job of reporting Y2k...even tho I would like to see much much more. A few days back they did the Navy Report right off the AP. A couple of months back they did a multi-page section in the Sunday paper that was unbiased. I have also seen a couple of ha ha (BITR) articles.....which made me mad!

Nothing in my 65 years has so held my attention (other than Russian behavior in the early 60s) as the build-up to Y2k.

A bit off subject, but there is a good editoral and 6 page article in this months Consumer Reports regarding GM (geneticly modified) seeds & foods. It describes the Frankenseed (my word)...they call it the "terminator". It will only grow one season (its babies are all sterile) so the commercial farmers must repurchase each year. It's pollen may contaminate other crops and wild plants in the area.

If you plan a Y2k garden do not purchase these seeds from your local multi-national chemical company. And I was concerned about hybrid seeds...

-- rb (, August 28, 1999.

My question is why aren't The GMan, Rush Limbaugh and other trusted talk show hosts saying anything at all about Y2K? They don't trust the government anymore then some of us so why do they refuse to report on how the gov is lying to us?

-- The pinochle man. (, August 28, 1999.

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