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-- DuffyO (, August 27, 1999


good site, DO.


-- gene (, August 27, 1999.

Awesome link Duffy - The link you gave has an additonal link titled "Dutch Oven Cooking" and has a free downloadable (172 page) dutch oven cookbook. Just went in search of a "Dutch Oven Cooking" cook book yesterday. Hit every local book store in the area to no avail. Requests for orders found them "out of stock - unknown when would be available again". Guess I'm not the only one looking. Thanks again.

-- New Kid on the Block (, August 28, 1999.

I bought and then returned to that Dutch oven cookbook because it was mainly for large outdoor cooking. I then purchased another one that is much more for indoor home cooking of more modest proportions and that uses ingredients we are more likely to have. It is also called "Dutch Oven Cooking" and is by a woman whose name escapes me and I'm at work now. You'd find it on

Also got good recipes from two universities' websites; one was Utah State and the other was in Michigan or Minnesota? Do an engine search. Some good bread recipes there also.

-- Elaine Seavey (, September 01, 1999.

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