Falls light with 35mm Rodenstock APO Grandagon

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Falls light with 35mm Rodenstock APO Grandagon

Once before I had experienced a problem with false light with my 35mm Rodenstock APO Grandagon on a single take, (it was on all the bracketed frames), Ive assumed at the time that I havent been careful with the bellows, the filmback or the lensboard, But it happen again. The camera is the new Linhof M679, I am also using 45mm-, 55mm and 75mm Rodenstock APO Grandsons (Im an architectural photographer) with no problems at all. The setup on the camera is the same for all the Grandsons. Im using Hasselblad backs.

The falls light on the film shows as a quarter slice of a circle graduated towards the center of the frame, it is lifted with a shape edge, 4-5mm from the bottom of the frame.

I suspect that some of the problem is caused by the lack of proper shading of the lens, and this combined with the construction of a 35mm lens could be a problem.

Im using the Linhof Proshade lenshood on lenses from 55mm and up, but it is impossible to use it on th 35- and 45mm lens, due to lack of sufficient movement on the lenshood, but there is no flare or falls light on the 45mm.

Im using the same Rodenstock centerfilter all the time on the 35- and 45mm, but then again with no problem on the 45mm.

Can anyone give me a clue what Im up against here,or any with similarly expirense and/or suggestions to solving this ignoring problem.

I will be grateful for any input.

Thanks Adam Mxrk

-- Adam Mxrk (adam@get2net.dk), August 27, 1999


I'm thinking that if your falls (false?) light is black on the negative and looks like a half moon, then it's where you've pinched the roll film when you've loaded it onto a reel. Other than that I have no clue.

-- David Grandy (dgrandy@accesscable.net), August 28, 1999.

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