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Yeah! I just confirmed that Tommi Tilhonen has scored a million points in Tron - first ever in MAME - and I feel that earns just as much recognition as the perfect score in MPE - therefore, congratulations Tommi!

-- Gameboy9 (, August 27, 1999

Answers beat me to it. Years back , I watched a friend for hours playing Tron , and of course he scored millions. But nowadays , there`s a certain situation regarding " chip one " or " chip two " , and from what I know , " chip two " is what is used on MAME ( chip one being the ever repetitivive one ), making " chip two " the one that seperates Men from to cut-to-the-chase....well fu**king done Tommi ! I also think we/you can make a case to do away with those " official World Records on Tron " , which I think were " chip one " , and set a new precedent for future TGTS high scores, which I`m sure you will be King.

Lets hear it for Tommi , who flies the flag for Europe !! ( You Yanks must be sick.... ) ahem....

-- Alex Weir (, August 27, 1999.

Hey Alex...two things: 1. Unrelated...but it involves much as I hate the game, I played your Rainbow Islands game back, and it's fine in win35 up until the beginning of level 6...and it crashes and burns shortly before your actual game ends...(basically...your recording goes crazy...=) 2. Both Tron sets are emulated in MAME...but you are right, Tommi did use chip 2, I'd think the older set is the "clone" set in this... I think that a million is just amazing...I mean...I am just god awful at it and to see someone get a million is incredible...mad props to ya, Tommi! (In other words, congratulations...LOL)

-- Sports Dude (, August 28, 1999.

Sports Dude , Sorry about the recording . I played it back up to world 3 before i submitted it. Thought it would be OK from there onwards. Is Final Win35 the same as MAME Final ? Cos thats what I used. Was hoping to play back Tommi`s recording last night , but the damned thing wouldn`t play for me. Pity.

-- Alex Weir (, August 28, 1999.

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