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I need help to find a couple of parts for my graflok back on my Super Graphic camera. On the the graflok back, on the inside, there are two small brackets, one at the top and one at the bottom which holds the ground glass in place, I'm missing one of these brackets. Without this bracket, the ground glass pops up or out which makes the camera unusable or at least not practical. I had load the camera to a friend and he had apparently tried to tighten the screw that holds the bracket and broke the screw off, a good leason on loading equipment out I guess. So actually, I need a bracket that holds the ground glass in, a screw which holds the bracket in place and a small clip/bracket that holds the hood in place. Does anyone know where I can find these parts or does anyone have a graflok back with these parts they want to sell. I have tried numberous camera and trade shows and made a lot of phone calls. I just checked with Cameraquest, but I keep getting the same answer, check with your local camera repair place, they should be able to fix it easily. That answer is getting a little old now, if they could get me the parts I need, I wouldn't be asking for help. If anybody can help, please send me a massage, Thanks

-- Chuck Bray (, August 27, 1999


Try Fred Lustig @ (775) 826-3056 (usually after 12:00 PM Pacific Time). See:

I've delt with him just this week and he seems to have a lot of stuff.

-- sheldon hambrick (, August 27, 1999.

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