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Has there been something that's happened to you that's just scared the shit out of you? Do you have an interesting story to share or the history of your house or somewhere you've lived in before?

-- Anonymous, August 27, 1999


Well the previous house I lived in had an interesting history. It was actually a trailer home on 5 acres of land outside of town. The previous renters had been.. murdered. It was 3 people living together all men. Two of them were brothers and one day there was a big argument. One of the brothers was beat up pretty good by his brother and the other guy. He ended up in the hospital for a few weeks with broken ribs and a few other serious problems. Well the day the brother got out of the hospital he went to the gunstore and the liquor store. And proceeded home and waited for his brother to come home. The moment he heard the car pulling in the drive way he walked out the front door and started shooting. He just started shooting into the car over and over. He killed both his brother and the other roommate. He shot 58 shots with his pistol. Then another 12 shots with a shotgun. The police were there very shortly from all the noise. There were spray painted outlines all over the porch were were shells had landed and the trial was going on when we moved in. My room mate thought it was cool until we started having freaky people visiting the house out of curiousity. They would just show up to see "where it happened".... it was a pretty strange town... Bryan

-- Anonymous, August 27, 1999

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