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Hello folks - I have been trying to figure out what to do about an answer to an old thread that looks like it was not read by many (no answers after it on the thread). The author sounded concerned about identifying the company but made it pretty clear. This seems legit but since the insurance company discussed is likely either Farmers or State Farm it is also likely that many of you have policies with them. Take a looksee at your renewal cards.

"Actually, Diane, it's not just the tip of the small business iceburg.(snip)(continue) Anyway, I received my new insurance card from the insurance company named after the people who grow our food. Yes, I am new at this and a little nervous about naming names. I am sure that you can figure it out. They are huge. My insurance is renewed at six month intervals. On the card, the effective date was 10/16/99, the expiration date was also 10/16/99. My finacee's father, with the same company, had the same problem. When he went to get it straightened out, the agent told him that "millions" of renewals were sent out like that and that the mistake occurred because their computer could not read past 2000 and defaulted by just listing the same value for effective date and expiry date. Granted it's not the end of the world, but it leads to one to certainly wonder. If a seemingly simple problem hasn't been fixed by such a big company this late in the game, what about other companies and government with more complex systems? (snip).

I have emailed the poster about using his full post but felt if I snip out identifiers then this reposting was ok. Please correct me if I was wrong, but this seemed to be of interest.

-- Kristi (, August 27, 1999



A few hours later and still no interest - I guess my title should have read "ALIENS SPOTTED IN FILM OF WACO AND THEY RESEMBLE THE STITT FAMILY!!!!!". Sigh........ This place is becoming a Jerry Springer show.

-- Kristi (, August 27, 1999.

I understand the concern Kristi, be patient with us as we collectively fight through a lot of "other things" ....

The first thing to check is at your state's insurance commissioner office. The one here in GA has a "citizen's rep" (ombudsman, in someplaces) that should be able to help.

First, foremost, and above all: get (in your state, in your city) get publicity on the matter. Editorial page, radio call-in, and (as above) direct contact to your state rep - with a copy to the insurance commission. See, the problem is bureacratic and political, which is subject to political and emotional pressure, NOT technical.

The resolution (of the policy cancellation) can be as simple as a "letter" or "ruling" from the insurance commission (which the GA commission claims they have done) identifying the matter and saying the policy is in force, or as tedious as a complete "law". However, right now, the paper says "Cancelled this date" - and a lawyer would probably rightfully claim "Sorry, it's cancelled."

However, publicizing the issue can also "embarress" the particular company into acting: "My insurance policy at State Home and Garden was cancelled because of Y2K" is a headline the editorial staffs will like seeing, and one the company cannot afford to allow to be widely promulgated.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 27, 1999.


I checked a recent (Aug 16, 1999) six month auto insurance renewal from State Farm, and it had the correct expiration date (Feb 16, 2000).

Otherwise, hoping for the best, etc.


-- Jerry B (, August 27, 1999.

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