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This is not so much a question as a perspective!

Well, I'm on page 67 - 2/3 of the way through and it's tough going. Don't get me wrong, the writing is lucid, well structured and a pleasure to read - a real "page-turner" - it just takes so long to turn a page: there seems to be so much to know about the internet. And it's a deceptively small book. You get it and think "Great, a beginner's guide to the internet - from an Irish perspective - I'll read it this evening and begin to get more out of that tinet connection that we have had for the last few months." Well Catherine Cookson has had to gather dust for the last three weeks!

Although I've been using email and browsing the web for while, perhaps Barry's book will be the final push I need to set up a web site for the Holton family history. I'll let you know when I have read the last 1/3. Thanks Barry for a super book. Karina

-- Karina Holton (, August 27, 1999

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