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I went to the show at Blossom Music Center on Wednesday, and it was amazing! It was my first time seeing REM live, and I'm still kind of in awe. (Mostly due to the fact that we managed to get REALLY good seats the day of the show.) Here is what I can remember of the playlist:

Lotus What's the Frequency, Kenneth? Stand (According to Michael Stipe, they had only played it live twice before!) Losing My Religion Daysleeper Man On the Moon It's the End Of the World As We Know It(And I Feel Fine) Drive Fall On Me The One I Love The Apologist Walk Unafraid Star 69 Tongue

(That's all I can remember, I'm sure there were more.)

-- Amber (, August 27, 1999


Three other songs they played that I can remember, because they were so moving they nearly brought me to tears: Half A World Away, Find The River, & Cuyahoga, which was only fitting since the show was in Cuyahoga. I've seen on some of the foreign setlists that they are playing songs as far back as Gardening At Night and Pilgrimage. I should be so lucky. I've seen them 5 times since the Work Tour (Document) and have never heard these songs live. As an oldtimer, I must say I prefer the older music, but its nice to see them still going strong. And they did put on a hell of a show.

-- Martin Hudak (, August 31, 1999.

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