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I work in a small biotechnology company that has three teams/groups that perform repetetive tasks. The sequencing group members go through extensive training to learn the stringent protocols. Once learned though, the task of sequencing is the same grind week after week. Other than involving the sequencing group members in outside projects, I am interested to hear creative ideas to help improve morale, reduce turnover, and make the group a more effective team.


-- rory Lentz (, August 27, 1999


Tough question and a tougher task. You might like to get my video 10 Minute Team Leading which provides a new view of knowledge work, team skills, team intelligences and quality. In fact the second project workshop is Building TSIQ (teams, skills, intelligences and Total Life Quality). Find more at Good luck, Peter Everson

-- Peter Everson (, May 23, 2000.

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