What do you think about the forum idea?

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What do you think about this forum idea? Do you think this is a good idea and is a fun interactive thing to do or do you prefer the guestbook?

-- Anonymous, August 26, 1999


That's just what I like to hear, Barbara :)

I like it!

-- Anonymous, August 27, 1999

I think it's pretty cool... and I'd do it if I knew that there were more readers of my page then just my friends and my girlfriend.:)

You go Chrissy!

-- Anonymous, August 26, 1999


You did it girl. That is wonderful. I will be a regular contributor to your forum.

-- Anonymous, August 27, 1999

i think its a lot better than a guestbook and id do it with my page too if i had any ambition. http://www.angelfire.com/co2/candyman88/index.html

-- Anonymous, August 28, 1999

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