zodiac, trip, which one is harder?

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I'm having a tough time deciding which route to do. i want to do Zodiac or the Trip. which one is harder i plan to do it as a nail up, and which one has cleaner rock, I know Zodiac is a bit more crowded so the trip sounds good but i heard that the trip has loose rock and is harder. Can anyone help. i want to do the easyer of the two, what pins should i take, i don't have many sawed off angles, do i need them. thanks for all your help.


-- Ben (Benbuilds@aol.com), August 26, 1999


Response to which one is harder?

The Trip is harder.

-- Greg Murphy (greg_murphy@ermwest.com), August 27, 1999.

Response to which one is harder?

Hey Ben, The Trip in over tecnincal difficulties is harder, but there are a few things to remember. Thr Trip has tons, let me put it this way, THIS ROUTE HAS TONS OF BOLTS. So you can move quick when the climbing gets rought on the other pitches. Also it it way steeper at first than the Zodiac, and just a lot more commiting. (from the Zodiac's 6th pitch its only 3 200 ft raps down) Both routes are very old school in there rating system both clocking in at a modest A2 A2+ with no danger of hitting anything or a really long fall on any of the pitches. What ever one you do choose just have fun they are both classic routes...

-- Burt (epiclmber@hotmail.com), August 29, 1999.

Just got back from Zodiac. Much, much easier than the Trip. All belays Neutron Bomber!! Tons of huge new bolts to replace all old rivets on rivet ladders. Can go pretty much clean take a few sawed off angles, and some medium to small lost arrows and you're there.

-- D. Nurock (dnurock@yahoo.com), September 24, 1999.

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