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Key Novell executive Slitz resigns

By Scott Berinato 08/25/99 03:52:00 PM

Novell Inc. Senior Vice President of Marketing John Slitz, the man hired to patrol the marketing front so CEO Eric Schmidt didn't have to, resigned last week, company officials confirmed today.

Sources inside the Provo, Utah, company said the resignation was sudden. Slitz's last day will be August 31.

Sources also suggested it was not an amiable parting. Indeed, a corporate spokesman seemed to call into question Slitz's ability to continue in his position.

"John joined the company during the dark days," the spokesman said. "He revitalized the brand and did some pretty heavy lifting in getting the marketing focus Novell needed. He was instrumental in the turnaround, but his leaving represents the end of the turnaround and the beginning of growth mode. It takes a different skill set to manage for growth."

One source inside Novell said the terse internal e-mail announcing the departure didn't mention whether Slitz had joined another company, only that he wanted to look at other opportunities.

Slitz was brought in by CEO Eric Schmidt in 1997 to do many of the "in-the-spotlight" tasks that Schmidt didn't want to deal with as he sought to rescue Novell from near-bankruptcy. With Slitz gone, it is not clear whether someone else will be hired to handle marketing or if Schmidt will take a more frontline approach.

Slitz was not available for comment.

Novell is expected to make an official statement later this afternoon.


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