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I was wondering whether or not federal, state and local officials that tout the 3 day bump in the road, a few glitches is all we will see, can be held reponsible in a court of law if there predictions are wrong and people die as a result? What happens to them if people die because y2k turns out to be more than a 3 day event as they to proudly proclaim. Any lawyers out there lurking that can help me with this question?

-- y2k dave (, August 26, 1999


It's my understanding that if "they" have acted to the best of their ability, and without intent to harm, they can not be held responsible for their actions. I believe that priciple is one reason the collective group of gov "officials" won't break ranks.

I'm not a lawyer, but my opinion is from personal experience with HCFA and their various Medicare contractors. According to my lawyer, they can't be touched unless harmful intent can be proven.

-- Ninh Hoa (, August 26, 1999.

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