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Hey all you tough guys.... it takes a GIRL to spot the Y2k story in the current SOF magazine??? :) Actually was at the mag. rack looking for the current issue of Model Railroading for my hubby and saw the header on the SOF mag. Didn't want to drop $5 on the mag, browsed through it and it basically recommended folks become as independent as possible, and prepare to weather it out. Rational discussion/interview with a conservative investor which was rather humorous - he has been following Gary North's preachings over the years about one potential crisis after another but recognized that this one is a bit different. Anyhow, not much more I can share but you might pick it up and give it a quick looksie.

-- Kristi (, August 25, 1999



I did a search and came up with the following url...maybe the story is in there, I'm gonna take a look.

Soldier of Fortune Magazine or



-- Michael Taylor (, August 25, 1999.


Thanks for the url. I went to check it out and looked at the cover for August and the table of contents for it - not the same issue that I saw tonight - must be September issue.

-- Kristi (, August 25, 1999.

wow...they arent' too interactive there at SoF yet...

here is a snip from the TOC

PREPARING FOR Y2K Pratt N. Whitney

Lose the paranoics and the Millennium greedmeisters. But pay attention to these common-sense rules or your 1 January 2000 could be an affair to forget.


-- Michael Taylor (, August 25, 1999.


We must have posted at the same time : )

I'll go buy a copy tomorrow!



-- Michael Taylor (, August 25, 1999.

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