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Jim is thinking about a function that would act as a poll for three groups of users: consumers, retailers and wineries.
We're thinking of it being a message board (do we need three separate boards for this?)
Actually, it would have the "Contribute an Answer" functionality.

For instance, whatever email we send out to the consumers, stores or winery would bring them to a page such as:
In place of the "" text link in the upper left corner, we could place the WineAccess logo which would be a link back to (?)

The layout of the page could be very simple. The posting they respond to could be something like:
At WineAccess, we're building the most powerful online wine community on the Web. You can be a part of this community and you could even win a prize for contributing! Just tell us about your favorite wine shop, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win 2 bottles of 1995 Chateau Latour - the most highly rated wine of the 1995 Bordeaux vintage! The most interesting comments will be posted on WineAccess.
Enter your e-mail address (text input box)
Enter your name (text input box)

What's the name of your favorite wine shop? TEXT INPUT BOX
What town is it in? TEXT INPUT BOX
How would you rate that store's newsletter?(A B C D E F) RADIO BUTTONS OR TEXT BOX?
Who is your favorite wine salesperson? TEXT INPUT BOX
What's special about the store? TEXT INPUT BOX
Submit button


The posting that stores would respond to could be something like:
At WineAccess, we're committed to building the most powerful web technologies for the independent wine merchant. If you'd like to hear more about WineAccess and how this online community can help your business survive the onslaught of Internet wine sellers, just answer the question below. You'll automatically be entered to win 2 bottles of one of the rare wines that all your customers are asking for. We'll also respond with all the latest news and information about WineAccess.

Enter your e-mail address (text input box)
Enter your name (text input box)

What are the three wines people ask for most? TEXT INPUT BOX
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The Posting to the wineries could be something like:
At WineAccess we're building the largest, most complete community of wine buyers from every tier of the industry: wineries, wholesalers, retailers, sommeliers, wine writers, and consumers. You can join this community just by answering the quick survey below. By the way, WineAccess maintains the largest wine database on the Web. If you feel we're missing something (like one of your wines) just email the wine information to our wine data guru, Jeff Ondria.

What are your picks for best wine shop? TEXT INPUT BOX
Restaurant? TEXT INPUT BOX
Wine writer? (Parker, Tanzer, Spectator, etc) TEXT INPUT BOX
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Any Comments?

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999


I think the message should be much quicker...lose the At Wineaccess we're doing blah blah blah...How about just: Favorite Store us name the top stores in the country and win two bottles of Chateau Latour 1995 (link to Chateau Latour 1995 page).

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

I think we should ask the customer for the store's email address (optionally).

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

In surveys run this way more smaller prizes usually work better than one larger one.

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

Make survey questions close-ended. So, instead of what's special about do: I like my store because (pick most single most important): a. It's convenient b. knowledgable (or good recommendations, or some service message) c. pricing d. selection

The next best reason i go there is...(same selections as above)

I like my store but still wish my store would improve its (same group as above)

This way you can 1) collect data on what people want and 2) show store trending up from baseline a year from now when they are part of your service and able to incorporate this feedback into improving.

Get some demo info so you can weight this stuff later (or maybe you already have it from site visitors).

-- Anonymous, August 26, 1999

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