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Looks like solar flux is starting to ramp up rather steadily, any thoughts?

-- CygnusXI (noburnt@toast.net), August 25, 1999


Grab your sunglasses and tinfoil hat quick !!!

can I still watch TV ? if it explodes ??????

-- chaz carson (rizzo10@msn.com), August 25, 1999.

Yeah, my thoughts are "Here we go again".

Didnt we just scare ourselves a month or two ago with all the solar mumbo-jumbo. Strange numbers getting higher and higher. Weird explosions on the sun, radiation coming at us. Boooo, are you scared yet.

-- sunwatcher (sunwatcher@burnedretina.com), August 25, 1999.

I don't recall mentioning anything "scary" or even any "conspriacy's"(tinfoil ref.). All's I said was "any THOUGHT'S". Maybe I should have said "any better than half-ass, pull shit out of thin air thought's". Boo to you too

-- CygnusXI (noburnt@toast.net), August 25, 1999.

Don't let those who don't have a clue bother you Cyg... I've learned a lot from following all the info on solar cycles...enough to know the scientists are still baffled and searching for answers. Landlubbers don't realize the bigger picture can/does affect their reality. Keep yer eyes on the sky!

-- Shelia (Shelia@active-stream.com), August 25, 1999.

Hello all,

A few weeks ago I e-mailed Jan who runs the "solar terrestrial" website and asked about the seemingly high flare numbers before the peak expected this winter. The answer was that the numbers we commonly see are not the same as the international numbers (or something like that) and that everything pointed to this winter's peak is shaping up to be lower than last cycle. I still don't understand that much about it but this person seems open to discuss it and seems knowledgeable and doesn't seem worried about it. FWIW.

-- Kristi (securxsys@cs.com), August 25, 1999.

When there is a major solar flare (say it happens between 10am and 2pm my time), will my solar collectors put out more electricity?


-- Berry Picker (BerryPicking@yahoo.com), August 25, 1999.

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