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I am the owner of a Panasonic A110 Dvd player which cannot read cd-r's. Ive recently purchased a creative labs tnt2-ultra card with tv output, it works pretty decently except for the fact that i see a white hazy bar that scans up and down the image on the tv screen, its not quite noticeable unless the movie is in a dark scene or something like that. I am using 2 rca cables connected together, perhaps totalling about 15 feet. The audio cable is about 10 feet. Im probably thinking the long length of my cables are the source of this problem? Would purchasing MONSTER RCA brand cables help any? Or is it the length that is doing all this. The rca cables were the step down from the monster cables from best buy. thanks for any replies..

-- trae (, August 25, 1999


Set the TV output on your Video Card software to on. Also try to get one cable, Monster is good, to do the PC to TV connection. It will help reduce errors and wierd artifacts in your pictures.

-- The Lone Ranger (, August 26, 1999.

use s-video. It solves many problems. with old tv's, I guess you're stuck. Once I used 3 rcas to gether it worked fine. I have a v550 tnt from diamond.

-- Josh (, August 27, 1999.

Personally, I would use one single good quality cable....don't use a couple cables hooked together by radio shack adaptors.....those contribute to resistance that can kill your picture dead.....also one more might wanna move some furniture around too, cause the shorter the cable is, the better the picture will be. The theory behind this, is with a short cable, the signal will pass thru with very low resistance, the longer the cable is, the more the resistance, thus the major drop of your signal thru to the atmosphere. With a coax cable, I would personally say about 6 feet max, before you start losing your signal to the atmosphere. good luck

-- Marty Cmiral (, August 28, 1999.

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