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Thanks to you who answered my "help needed ...." plea, I went into our local bank today with the information tucked under my arm about why "protecting myself with a recent account statement", (proof of my monies held in my name there), didn't amount to spit. The manager (and stock holder) assured me two weeks ago that my bank statements and CD certificate were all the backup I would need. Not that I needed anything according to him, except "not to take my money out of his bank because there were robbers out there ready to follow me home, see where I bury the treasure in my yard, and....", (you know the rest of the talk, straight out of some PR blurb they all have memorized by now. Actually I felt bad for the guy, turning red and all that. After all, there are 100 square miles of forest just outside of town where us survivalist/activist have been stashing goodies for years.)

For those not in the know about what G.N. referred to on his latest interview with Art Bell, you can find it in the little book, "Financial Institution Employee's Guide to Deposit Insurance", page 11, put out by the FDIC itself. Here you will find out that our statement/printed records do not constitute deposit records, only the bank's records do. If the banks looses your accounts (electronically/digital) data, well those printed records the FDIC recommends you keep, (see their web site "A Bank Customer's Y2K To-do List), isn't worth anything according to their con-game "law". Screwed again.

So, maybe it's best to leave in your account(s) only the monies you ara willing to gift to others trying to buy food = assets the bank will use to borrow money from the Feds. I read last night that some banks may decided to not borrow from the Fed., but will just close down. It will be easier to open their doors later without facing bankrupsy/collateral problems/etc. My partner also pointed out that if the banks do not borrow from the Fed. the depositors will undoubtedly sue them for not doing so. Rock and hard place is an apt description. Glad I'm not a bank manager these days.,

pdf (loooong download) file at:

-- tinkerbell (, August 25, 1999


I cashed in a cd awhile back and put the cash in my safety deposit box at the bank.The manager told me my money was not insured now and ask if I understood this. I just received a phone call from a friend, who said she heard on t.v. the same thing about money not being insured in a safety deposit box.If they closed the bank there would be no access to the box. If a person were to keep that money at home, there's a risk of a break in or fire. If you had to bug out it wouldn't be safe to carry cash nor leave it behind at the house.

Any suggestions would help. I'm not sure what to do now.

-- maggie (, August 25, 1999.

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