Y2K Drill by Natural Gas Suppliers in Western U.S. and Canada

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Only One Shuttle Passes Y2K Test - (CAPE CANAVERAL) -- The Shuttle fleet maybe behind the Y-two-K curve.

A-B-C News says only one has so far passed the test. The shuttle next in line to fly, Endeavor, is Y-two-K compliant. The one following it, Discovery, is not. With the current schedule jumping around as repairs are made to wiring on at least one of the ships, A-B-C says it may be that the compliant space craft will be flown closer to the end of this year. Whatever happens, engineers say they have definitely ruled out any U-S spaceship being in orbit on New Years. <

-- lurking (here@home.now), August 25, 1999


sorry, don't know what happened with the headline

-- lurking (here@home.still), August 25, 1999.


Any chance you can post the article that goes with the headline? I'd sure like to hear more about natural gas testing!

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), August 25, 1999.

I applaud NASA for having the sense to defer the shuttle launch until things are more certain.

But this is interesting too: <<. The one following it, Discovery, is not. >>

It again rings true: EVERY company, agency or utility worldwide that has looked for problems has found more problems, taken longer to fix them, and found more interrelationships and needed more time than they have originally planned. NO company, agency, or utility that has finished remediatioin and testing has EVR said they wasted their time, money or effort while fixing y2k-related errors.


But please, what about the natural gas test?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), August 25, 1999.

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