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Tuesday August 24, 6:30 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

ADVISORY/Press Conference:

San Francisco's Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Supervisor Mark Leno to Release Findings of The City's Y2K -- Small Business Preparedness Study and Unveil Plans for Aggressive Public Information Campaign


Who: Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

Supervisor Mark Leno

When: Wednesday, Aug. 25, 1999

9:00 a.m. PDT

Where: "Club i"

850 Folsom St. -- (Please note this address)

Web: To participate via the Internet, go to:

Contact: Darris Sherman, 415/977-1937 (

Paul Pendergast, 415/621-0600 (

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Supervisor Mark Leno will announce the findings from a research study conducted to assess the Y2K preparedness of The City's small businesses. The findings include that in "America's Most Wired City":

-- 36% of small businesses with computers in San Francisco have no plan for becoming Y2K compatible

-- 21% of all small businesses will wait until November of 1999 or later to become compatible

-- 26% say they never plan to become compatible


-- 51% of small businesses consider transferring information on computers "important to regular operations"

-- 91% of small businesses in San Francisco rely on computer communications for their business

Mayor Brown and Supervisor Leno will unveil an aggressive Five-Point Public Information Campaign to address the needs of San Francisco's small business community as it relates to Y2K preparedness. The campaign includes outdoor advertising, weekly ``on-line tutorial'' seminars, merchant district walks, community outreach meetings, and the SFY2K web site located at

-- lurking regular (, August 25, 1999



Perhaps the rest of Silicon Valley will pick up some pointers. Or not.



-- Diane J. Squire (, August 25, 1999.

Losing 26-36% of the city's small businesses should have no impact. This Y2K thingie is no big deal, right?

Can you imagine living in San Francisco, an uncompliant city in a far from compliant state, at rollover? Yikes!

-- Dog Gone (, August 25, 1999.

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