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I am an acoustic guitarist and am concerned about bringing one of my $3000.00 guitars to the desert. Has anyone heard of any horror stories concerning guitars and the heat? John B.

-- john brentlinger (, August 25, 1999


yeah right you pretend for a week you aren't a superficial clueless wannabe,,i guess it's no problem having a $1k+ bicycle though. You stupid superficial freaks are posers. You're the same dumbasses that pay $1 or more for 16 oz of water.

-- no (, August 10, 2001.

Horror stories? Yes.

We BURN $300 guitars brought to the playa by clueless idealistic jerkoffs.

There! Hope that answered your question.

Have a nice day!

-- Isotope (, August 07, 2001.

Hey John, sorry Robert was so mean to you. His post was kinda funny but not fair. I understand the love of a fine instrument and the worry bringing it to such a harsh environment might cause. This in no way implies I am a selfish consumer who slavishly devotes my days to the care of an expensive pair of running shoes. My stuff got thrashed and i kind of liked it, I miss it all so much that I like the dust, it reminds me of where I was and how happy I was there. However when it comes to a guitar, they are delicate and things like excessive dryness and heat can ruin them. It's obviously too late to really be of any help to you now but I would have a pal-guitar that travels with me, that I know can take the heat and isn't a finer delicate instrument but more like a buddy that can go places where my others can't. On the other hand I saw some really fine drums being played under the man in that great shady spot under the hay and I got to join in, had a blast, and was so greatful that people were kind enough to risk bringing them. Not meaning to shame anyone here just hate to see someone get blasted for asking a simple question.

Big love, jacqui

-- Jacqui (, September 10, 1999.

ooh, very dangerous. leave the expensive guitar at home, preferably in a locked radiation-proof vault six hundred feet below the surface of the earth, and post round-the-clock armed guards. that's what i'd do.

be sure to leave the $150 running shoes home too.

-- Robert Holder (, September 09, 1999.

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