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Hi everyone,

Please don't procede without reading this whole message because the half completed site won't make sense without this introduction.

I've done enough for you to start giving feedback. Not all pages are done. I expect you will be confused by some pages because the explanations are not all present. Just digest as much as of the high level organization as you can.

High level is as follows: - We have many different stake holders that we are designing for. (stores, restaurants, wineries, wholesalers, experts, and employees for each)

- Every stakeholder will have 1. An public site (or page) 2. A private organizer / admin page

- All stakeholders will spend most of their time on their private admin page. They will get to their own private admin page through the login page (email address and password).

- The admin page for each stakeholder will be different but will have the following high level structure in common (we don't have to use these exact words): 1. What's New: This is WineVoices way of telling the community about something new. It can also can be used by other industry players (if we let them) to make announcements, etc. 2. Features: These are services that we are selling to the stakeholder that we want to highlight. 3. WineVoices Community: These are all the things in the WineVoices community that the person or group is participating in. 4. Administration: These are controls for everything that needs to be controlled by this stakeholder.

It will be a waste of time for you to comment on the parts of the site that are not done yet. So, I suggest that you start with the admin pages for each stakeholder. Does the high level structure satisfy all the business requirements? Every piece of functionality that we want to develop should clearly fall into one of the high level sections. If you think of some functional piece that doesn't fit anywhere, let me know. Post any missing functions to this board.

Here is the link to get into the private organizer / admin page for each stakeholder, have fun!

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999


another thing worth checking out:

Poke around in there to see what is useful.

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

Stakeholder pages should contain links to B-to-B forums, as well as the ability for a stakeholder administrator to edit his own b-to-b forum.

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

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