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Jim, can you post a written version of your plans with Zagat and restaurants as soon as it's documentable? Thanks.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999


ZAGAT Zagat functionality is still up in the area. Functions could include: If a user posts a comment on the site, we could register that viewer on WA by virtue of the posting and his email address. More likely, we could get a link on, bringing Zagat consumers to WA to make comments about wine experiences in restaurants. We would then neeed to build a Zagat message board on our site to retrieve this stuff and perhaps dish it back out to Zagat so that they can apply their rating methodology. Could be a Zagat book eventually. RESTAURANTS: My sense is that our immediate pitch to the restaurants is vis-a-vis the sommelier. I don't believe the restaurants per se really care about wine content and sales. However, a small percentage of their wait staff and the person who sells the most wine, would be quite interested. Our goal will be to build the community vis-a-vis ASA to include as many of these interested restaurant workers as possible. Functionlity then, would be ASA functionality with links or ads for the restaurants for which the wait staff works. REMEMBER: We will need to give something back to the restaurant as the restaurant, in general, could care less about this content. The restaurateur will become incensed if his wine oriented staff is spending its time messing around on the internet as opposed to counting the inventory! What else could we offer the restaurant?

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

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