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This forum was created to act as a meeting place for individuals serious about their photography. It is going to be a place where photographers can gain insight about their work from other photographers. If you are reading this you have been invited here by a member of the community and are expected to act in a respectful and helpful manner to the other members. Any flaming or other such nonsense and the posting privileges of that individual will be summarily removed. This is the last attempt at creating a forum that is for serious people.

If you wish to post an image you can email it to me directly and I will post it in the correct size and dimensions. One image per day will be posted, but if the photographer has a series of images that should be displayed together exceptions will be made due to the needs of that individual. In totality the file size will not exceed 200k for all images posted (combined). This alleviates the annoyance to other members of the forum on slower modems. 50k per image will be the max size of the images and dimensions will be such that the images fit on a normal 800x600 screen without scrolling. Images must be scanned at a PhotoCD quality or more. Please do not email me a bad scan because there will be nothing I can do to fix it. I am more than happy to resize a large file that is well scanned, but I prefer you to do at least that much. A PhotoCD scan costs 1-2 dollars, which is not asking a lot considering the valuable time others will be investing critiquing your images.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999

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