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This discussion forum is provided for visitors to my gallery Web sites, as a way to talk to me (Paul Hamilton) and/or to each other about any topic tenuously connected to my sites. For example, you might ask questions here about how I make my pictures, ask for Web design advice, announce your new gallery sites, discuss art or artists you like... whatever.

I believe that the most exciting benefit of the Web is enabling geographically distant people to meet and form communities based on common interests and ideas.

Of course, you may e-mail me privately (ph@innocent.com) if you prefer; but if you have a question or comment which might be of interest to others, put it here. Think of this as a chatroom or coffee-shop with an attendant stenographer.

The forum software ("LUSENET", provided free to anyone who wishes to use it by Philip Greenspun at MIT) allows you to follow discussions by e-mail if you so desire, so you don't have to keep checking this page.

(Obviously, I will edit or delete posts which I find offensive, blatantly commercial, etc.)

-- Paul FR Hamilton (ph@innocent.com), August 24, 1999

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