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What are your favorite cold remedies? Any suggestions for getting rid of a sore throat?

-- Mo (, August 24, 1999


The cold - Zinc lozenges for the throat. They're chalky and have an 'ucky' texture but they are the best homeopathic remedy against the spread of your cold germs. Think of it as birth control for cold germs... a must at any phase of your cold. [You can get them at most pharmacies and all health food stores.] For cough medicine... take a 2 day road trip to Canada [or find a weird Canuk import shop  laugh] and go get 'Buckley's cough syrup [or find it's equivalent]. Its an all-natural Victorian era 'commercial' cough syrup made up of more plants and herbs than you can shake a stick at. Tastes awful but it's a #1 best seller in Canada. It cures you up fast with no NyQuil-style heart palpitations (because it has no chemical junk or ephedra in it). Last but not least, chicken soup lysine still rules! Voila!

-- Witchdoctor Rachel (, August 24, 1999.

Percocet! You just cannot go wrong with this wonder drug! Appropriate for any ailment! It may not cure you, but I'll bet you feel better anyway.

-- Bart (, August 25, 1999.

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