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One area that would be great to consolidate is all the address books, in exchange format, goldmine, html, lotus organizer etc. This may not be realistic, but if it was, what would be the smartest central location for them? Exchange? Web based? LDAP?

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999


LDAP means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, it's a method of centralising directory structures. The problem with web based is it's a lot of coding to maintain multiple, independent address books, when we should be attempting to consolidate them. Also, there is the difficulty of integrating the email client with a web site - how do you manage a mailing list of mailto links that crosses users personal address book? Though I am a fan of web based information, it falls flat in this application, unless we write our own web based email client.... know anyone who uses hotmail for business?

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

Web Based would promote more use on the intranet and well with a database formating ".phtml" or calling out cgi. I believe everyone prefers to click once rathe twice to open thinks up in Exchange. Also with the 'My' section on the Intranet individuals can setup there own Address book. Since I believe the 'My' section is setup for individuals to setup how they want to have the intranet run for them.?

BTW...what is LDAP(Lotus Database Applicator?)

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

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