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HOME PAGE - Store mission statement. Hours of operation, directions. ABOUT US: Links to Organizers of store sales personnel CONTACT US: Email link CATALOG: product listings by categories (as defined by db: region, varietal) PRODUCT DETAIL PAGES: Product detail pages should include all info in db about the wine, including all message board postings from general community. Price should be included on detail page along with shopping cart functionality. SALE ITEMS: Sale items as defined by POS or by website admin. SAMPLERS: 12 bottle recommendation packs at varied price points; 6 bottle packs; 2 bottle packs. PROGRAMMED PURCHASES: Send me xxx dollars of wine per month for xxx months. (this should be a wizard allowing us to change dollars, number of bottles and duration of program). STORE COMMUNITY: Store should have a message board where postings only go out to members of store community as defined by email entry. These messages should be rated based on quality (at least at first) and brought to the store Home Page like the fool community piece. RECOMMENDATIONS: Store personnel should be able to access screens to make recommendations to consumers. Screens should allow store to filter catalog to define recommendations based on producer, region, vintage, varietal, price.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999


We must be clear about shipping rules out of each store. A nice way to do this might be: Moore Brothers Commerce Community: New Jersey

Instead of saying, by law, Greg Moore will be put on a rack in the Tower of London for 20 years if he sells wine to Connecticutters.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999

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