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I attended the Cedar Rapids version of the President year 2000 community conversation tonight. I taped the session and will give details(spin) in a later message but I did find out the Special K and the Iowa Governor will holding a statewide Year 2000 community conversation in Iowa tomorrow. I guess there will be 26 sites across Iowa to join in.

-- y2k dave (, August 23, 1999


Why isn't Y2K Dave on the speaker's list?

-- Dolly Llama (lost@in.tibet), August 23, 1999.


I could not sit on with these people and say everything is hunky dorey with a smile on my face. I would not be able to laugh with the bank examiners as they say where is your money safer, in a bank or under your mattress. I could not keep a straight face when the mayor stated that only glitches will occur do to recent reports.

-- y2k dave (, August 24, 1999.

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