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if you upgrade to directx6 will you be able to capture a larger size avi file, instead of 2gig?.

-- evan young (, August 23, 1999



If you are using an avi source file to encode into the videocd mpeg format then this Bill Gates imposed 2g limit may apply and there is very little you can do about it.

There are capture programs available that allow you to capture segments of greater than 2G but the limitation is usually associated with the edited output size or the input file size to the encoding program.

For example I can capture to the limit of my hard drive (10G) in one session but premiere will not output as an avi file anything greater than 2G. I use the LSX encoder and that will not currently accept anything greater than 2G so if I have a source file avi with a data rate of 1M/s then I can only encode for a maximum of 34 minutes. If I use an uncompressed PAL size avi source file I am limited to only about 4.5 minutes.

Yes its all a pain unless you can encode directly from the NLE programs timeline to a mpeg videocd format. If you have that facility (and you do not say what you have) then with the right capture program and hdd size you would be able to fill a 74 minute videocd in one process.

-- Ross McL (, August 24, 1999.

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