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HOME PAGE Contains mission statement, links to participating sommeliers organizers, links to "top" sommelier, Community Postings (like community page One of these should be a series of messages from Top Sommeliers about how you can join the organization. Commerce towards paying subscription to organization. EVENTS Events are listed by date and go away when date has passed. Question: does this have to be formatted for html handicapped entries? Question: Should events just be threads like the above? SOMMELIER ORGANIZER Who I am? Where I work (link to restaurant site outside of WA, or info about restaurant), My Tasting Journal, My Tasting Buddies (link to Organizer of Sommelier buddies) BUDDY FUNCTIONALITY Buddies inform other buddies upon tasting wines. Buddies post messages to other buddies. ASA TASTING JOURNAL Searchable database of all member postings on wines TOP SOMMELIER JOURNAL (limit compilation to top dogs) COMMERCE ANGLES: Paying annual membership to association, Paying service for sommeliers to suggest wines to members of the community, Other industry members pay for access to closed Sommelier Forum. NOTE: All sommelier postings should be part of general community board

Eventually, the above will be a paying service

-- Anonymous, August 23, 1999


The asa forum is closed to asa members, although asa wine postings go to the public. If the ASA is making an announcement about an online tasting, it should be closed. If an ASA member is posting a review, it should be public as well. Buddy system should be employed but I think that's the same functionality as in the community setup.

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999

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