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"Forget the conspiracy movies. It's happening in real life now. The Clinton Administration wants the right to break into your home and install a "listening device" on your computer. Of course, they promise not to abuse the privilege. (Right. Sure. Uh-huh.) Forget the Melissa virus. Forget Y2K. This may be the scariest computer threat of the year. I've got the full, frightening story -- plus a chance to be heard -- waiting for you at the site."

-- Mumsie (, August 23, 1999


Is this an extension or modification of the Clipper Chip proposal? I would like to see their proposal - spent 1 year authoring software for a company specializing in the areas of data transport and protection (read encryption). Regards,

-- paul dirac (, August 23, 1999.

Text of the Government Proposal entitled "Cyberspace Electronic Security Act " can be found at

-- flb (, August 23, 1999.

Oh boy, would I bore them to pieces. Forget Y2K? I don't think so. Bye bye electronic society...

-- Mara Wayne (, August 23, 1999.

Nope. I'm afraid I have to side with the gun-toters, on this one.

There's nothing in current laws to keep law enforcement officials from doing all the surveillance they want, as long as they can show probable cause. If current law enforcement officials are too lazy to do the work they need to do, to establish probable cause, then perhaps they need to turn the job over to someone else.

I'm not willing to sacrifice freedoms, just so investigators can have a "cake" job.

-- Bokonon (, August 23, 1999.

PCs give off radio noise, which you can actually tune in if you have the right equipment. The govt can park a van the next block over and tune into your PC, resulting in an image of your screen on their screen. Notebook PCs tend to be 'louder'. There are ways to shield these emissions. Check the Internet for "Tempest" for more details.

-- mr. whizzer (whizzer@me.u), August 23, 1999.

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