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Most formal programs in the arts involve extensive "practice" assignments to teach and extend the skills of the students. Piano students practice scales and other drills to improve finger dexterity. Writing students use free-writing and other structured projects to improve clarity and flow. Art students paint and draw timeless subjects to understand line and form.

This concept is no different in photography. However, since many of the amateur photographers taking pictures today are not involved in a formal study of photography, this structured, assignment, workshop-style of learning is left out of the learning process.

This forum is intended to provide assignments and a place to discuss questions related to them, your experiences and results in doing them, and to collaborate with others on assignments. Note that this is not a "time-based" or "curriculum-based" setup. The assignments will remain up, as will the discussion. At any time, an individual or group can decide to start working on an assignment and the discussion can resume.

O.M. Jenkins

-- O.M. Jenkins (, August 23, 1999

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