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DON CIO Analyst - Carl Bolter ( is the competency leader and is the point of contact for overall policy and guidance questions.

DON CIO Analyst - Brian Baker-Brent ( is the point of contact for COMNAVMETOCCOM, DIRSSP, CINCUSNAVEUR, COMNAVSEASYSCOM (PEO for Undersea Warfare, Submarines, Mine Warfare, Theater Air Defense, Surface Combatants/Aegis Program, Carriers, Littoral Warfare and Auxiliary Ships), and HQMC A/CS(C4I)(DRPM for Advanced Amphibious Assault).

DON CIO Analyst - Vince Serio ( is the point of contact for COMNAVCOMTELCOM, COMNAVSUPSYSCOM, CINCPACFLT, CHNAVPERS, CNO(09BF), INTCOM, COMNAVFACENGCOM, COMSPAWARSYSCOM (PEO for Space Communications/Sensors and Information Technology), COMNAVSECGRU and COMNAVSYSMGTACT.

DON CIO Analyst - Bob Wagner ( is the point of contact for COMNAVRESFOR, CINCLANTFLT, CNET, AAUSN, COMSC, ONR, COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (PEO for Air ASW, Assault and Special Mission Programs, Cruise Missile and Joint UAV Programs, Joint Advanced Strike Technology, and Tactical Aircraft Programs).

-- Anonymous, August 23, 1999

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