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Bois Blanc Attorney to District Judge: "Launch Pre-emptive Strike"

Stitts to face jail as early as Sept 10.

Bois Blanc Island, MI (August 20) - The fuse to the powder keg is burning more rapidly tonight on Bois Blanc Island as the attorney for the Township will ask the District Judge to throw Mike and Christine Stitt in jail Sept 10 as a penalty for civil contempt.

Attorney for the Bois Blanc Township, Lyle Peck of Sault Ste. Marie, obtained and served a subpoena on Michael and Christine Stitt, August 17, just 3 days after a contingent of camouflaged militia made an expeditionary trip to the island. Seeing the militia meet with 40 to 50 residents on the island who agree with the Stitts, Peck quickly launched a ". . . pre-emptive strike" to hobble the efforts of Mike and Chris to obtain a variance or extension to their October 7 deadline to dispose of their entire farm, all equipment, and all animals.

Norman Olson, Commander of the Northern Michigan Regional Militia, considers Peck's actions to be provocative into goading the militia into an armed stand-off. "Peck is a traitor to the Constitution," Olson said in a press release today. "He is assisting tyrants in their persecution of a father and mother of six children. His way of justice is oppression."

The Stitts have always maintained that they were coerced into an Agreement in July to dispose of the farm. Peck called this allegation "utter nonsense."

The text of the Brief to Support the Motion of a Show Cause Hearing ordered on Sept 10 is provided below:

This court signed an Order dated July 8, 1999, approving the Stipulation and Order for Settlement between the parties and giving judicial effect and sanction to the terms of the settlement. Since the time the court signed the order, the Defendants Stitts have brazenly signaled their intent not to comply with the Order by posting billings all over the island titled, "Waiver of Tort."

Moreover, the Defendants Stitts have published in the "Legals" section of the Cheboygan Daily Tribune the same "Waiver of Tort" that is stated on their two page billings they have posted all over the island. While much of the congested language in their declaration is simply incomprehensible, the gist is that the settlement between the parties approved by this Court is not valid and they have no intent to abide by its terms. This fact is made clear by yet another legal notice published by the Stitts in the Cheboygan Daily Tribune which in its final sentence proclaims:

"To all interested parties disregard such Settlement Agreement," the Stitts have thus given every indication that they intend to openly flout this Court's Order and ignore the terms of the Settlement Agreement. The Plaintiff seeks application of the doctrine of civil contempt to coerce the Defendants to comply with the terms of the Settlement Agreement. The tactic taken by the township is, ". . . to launch this pre-emptive strike to enforce the Court's Order at this stage." The penalty recommended to Circuit Court Judge Nicholas Lambros is,

"...that a thirty-day jail sentence be imposed upon the Defendants for their brazen violation of the Court's Order. Not only have the Stitts made no attempt to comply with the Order, but they have made a mockery of the Court by publishing in the Cheboygan Daily Tribune their intent not to comply with the Order and posted their declaration that they have no intention of complying all over Bois Blanc Island.

Conditional imprisonment is inherent in the Court's contempt powers when faced with civil contempt. The Stitts authorized their then attorney to sign the Settlement Agreement and now in the thinnest of pretexts declare it was "fraudulently signed by the attorney who no longer represents the Stitts."

The militia may end up getting involved after all, even though the Stitts have asked them to stand down. "We may have to go out there to take care of the animals and the family when Mike and Chris are in jail," said Olson.


-- Stan Faryna (, August 23, 1999


The clinton administration spits on court orders everyday and excepting Web Hubbel, none of them will ever see the inside of a jail. Laws for citizens are definitely different than for politicians.

Always remember, laws are written by lawyers for lawyers.

-- Charles R. (, August 23, 1999.

Wouldn't wanna be in jail over rollover.......

-- Andy (, August 23, 1999.

"The Stitts have always maintained that they were coerced into an Agreement in July to dispose of the farm. Peck called this allegation "utter nonsense."

All criminals always say they were coerced into signing something.

-- smitty (, August 23, 1999.

Therefore, anyone stating they were coerced into signing something is a criminal?

-- enough is (, August 23, 1999.

Wasnt Norm Olson kicked out as head of the Militia for coming up with some kind of wacko statement?. I recall something where he was ousted for something either nuts or offensive to even his own people.

Anyone know more about this?.

-- militia watch (, August 23, 1999.

The administration has sent their message loud and clear to preparers. I therefore shall not voice my opinion on the difference between right and wrong, until I have sought legal counsel for the 'allowed' advised.

There had been a copy of the Constitution someplace in the Whitehouse. I believe they had it placed on the floor during Buddy's house-breaking period and it was accidentally misplaced. Hopefully, the FBI will be able to solve that problem, once the Stitts have been dealt with.

-- Will continue (, August 23, 1999.

Interesting that the Town Attorney wants the confrontation to occur in Mid September, when he can call on the FEDS during the official FEMA Time (9-1-99 to 3-31-00) aka MARTIAL LAW.

Is this prospective confrontation to be KILLER APPS as defined in the Naval War College report...Just Blow Some Heads Off To Show We Are Serious??

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ Just 8 days 'till MARTIAL LAW, hurry your, August 23, 1999.

enough is... Careful with that logic and critical thinking! You might wake someone up!

-- Mumsie (, August 23, 1999.

IMHO, it is time for the local DA to step aside and to bring in the State Attny. General. At this point, where there is considerable question that the local authorities can maintain objectivity and where the situation has the potential for violence, I think the matter should be removed from the local community level and reviewed by a more neutral party.

-- anon (, August 23, 1999.

Militia Watch.....


Norman E. Olson, 47, a Baptist minister and gun-shop owner in Alanson, is the Commander of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, Northern Michigan Regional Militia. After a few months of discussion and recruitment, the group was established in April 1994. It conducts training exercises twice a month. At a recent session, weapons reportedly included Chinese SKS semi-automatic assault rifles, shotguns and deer rifles.

Olson and his second in command were kicked out of the Michigan Militia for stating their beliefs that the Japanese were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. Olson formed another militia group according to published reports.

-- For (, August 23, 1999.

For--The "assault" rifles mentioned in the snipped article are not illegal. I am wondering why they were even mentioned other than to make the reader think that they are bad people for owning them. Looks like the Stitts are going to get a taste of what their majijuana growing neighbor got - a couple months is jail. I don't believe that part of the story, but I do believe the Stitts did not MTOB and we STILL have not heard all of the story. Wasn't someone going to get 20/20 or 60 minutes out there to cover the story? I think the Stitts, IF, totally innnocent of any wrong doing could have media coverage, then there's a big likelihood that they will come out on top! This story is not about Y2K, it is about upholding the law of the land which is something that we all have to do in order to keep peace in the neighborhood. If the Stitts have low IQ's, they would fall under laws for the mentally challenged and could get legal help from many different sources. How about the Rutherford Institute? They helped Paula Jones in her quest to have a fair trial. I still smell something fishy here.

-- george (, August 23, 1999.

Stan: Please write to me. I have some ideas I want to share about this situation privately. I sent you a letter about it when this story first broke, but it bounced. Take out the X

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage.neener.autospammers--regrets.greenspun), August 23, 1999.

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