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This is the first time in over a year I am posting without my real name and e-mail.

An internal memo from the company.

June 30, 1999 was a major milestone in the success of MCI Worldcom's Year 2000 efforts.

For over three years many of you have been tirelessly working to help our company achieve compliance for the Year 2000 and beyond. Year 2000 presents a unique set of technical challenges that will only happen once in history and you were here to address it. This challenge could only be overcome by a large and coordinated team effort along with extreme dedication of our people.

It is my great pleasure to announce that we have achieved a significant goal in that effort and one that should give us all a lot of pride. You have achieved compliance for traffic and revenue impacting systems and network projects that enable us to provide added confidence to customers and ourselves regarding this critical event. This met our public commitment to our customers and investors and is a very major milestone in the program.

You have managed to remediate over 1500 applications and an equal number of network projects and provide our company with the achievement that many other companies would envy. We recognize the focus, long hours and dedicated effort that this required. You achieved this while also dealing with the corporate merger, combination of different standards and compliance efforts, and the challenges of managing the business, supporting our customers and continuing to be a world class company!

Achievements like these are integral to the continued success of our organization and to MCI Worldcom as a company. This team achievement can only be accomplished by a combination of great individual performances. The cumulative positive effect of your performances is felt across the entire company and at all levels of executive management.

In looking ahead, I know you will recommit yourselves to the completion of this effort. We have come a long way and now need to focus on the remaining effort with renewed vigor. The completion of the remaining projects, contingency planning, independant verification of critical systems and the ongoing compliance of what we have achieved is now our target. We have a number of critical dates ahead of us with the next one being September 30 when all the rollout and decommissioning must be completed.

Thank you for a great delivery--and a contribution that is vital and valuable to MCI Worldcom and our customers.


-- MCI WorldCom, Inc. Corporate Employee Communications

-- nameless (, August 22, 1999


Nameless, This brings several thoughts to mind. First, this says that the work has been occurring for three years and is not yet complete. I agree. It does, however, serve as a comparison for some of the reports we have been seeing about huge increases in readiness or remediation status in a very short period of time. Second, the post was dated June 30, 1999. Clearly all is not well with MCI after June 30, 1999 as demonstrated by their 9-10 day network outage. Many would conclude that this is a fine example of why one should not take statements of improvement or remediation at total face value without 3rd party verification. Especially on infrastructure things such as electrical, water, gas and sewage. Got preps?

-- smfdoc (, August 23, 1999.

Doesn't this really belong on the discussion forum????

-- Beckie (, August 23, 1999.

Becky, you are right. I did post to wrong forum by mistake.

smfdoc- This memo was sent last week and the description of what is left to do is from August 20th and not June.

-- nameless (, August 23, 1999.

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