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I'm looking for a aid route to do in yosemite. i would like something with some nailing, easy to get to, clean rock, 2-3 days, and A2 with maybe a few sections of A3, any help would be nice.

Thanks and happy aiding Ben

P.S. as little free climbing as possible

-- Ben (, August 22, 1999


The West Face of Leaning Tower is a reasonable A2 objective in 2-3 days. As far as it being easy to get to, plus the descent with a haulbag, now that's another matter. The South Face of the Washington Column might be another reasonable choice, although once again, the descent can be a nightmare, whether you rap the route with your haulbag, or take the North Dome Gully descent, which is not recommended with a haul bag, or any other bag for that matter. One good alternative is to leave your stuff on Dinner Ledge, then rap the route, since it involves much less rapping with the pig.

-- david cole (, September 25, 2000.

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